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26 Dec201726 Mar2018

Michael Kors

Learn where you stand in the market, how well you’re promoting your Instagram posts, and how you compare to your closest competitors on your promotion effectiveness

You’ve selected the following competitors to benchmark your business with:

  • Gucci
  • DKNY
  • Dior Official

What does it mean to be successful on Instagram?

To be the top industry performer on Instagram requires skills in visual storytelling and the right publishing strategy that consistently receives high engagement. With organic reach becoming scarce, it’s integral that brands leverage Instagram’s organic reach to its full potential. See where you stand next to your competitors in the Instagram performance quadrant below:

Instagram Data

Your Instagram Performance Quadrant

26 Dec2017 - 26 Mar2018






Your Instagram strategy is paying off. You’re able to create great visual content that your audiences want to see. Keep up what you do! Continue growing your customer base on the platform.

Show You’re the leader

Create a report that proves your Instagram strategy is working.


Your strength is creating content, but you have to learn what your audiences want to see. Create more compelling, visual stories that work on Instagram.

Spam Less

Learn what posts generate interactions on Instagram in your industry.


Your audience could be too small to get enough engagement for your brand. Grow your audience by understanding their interests and delivering the right content.

Wake Up & Take Action

Learn how you can grow your customer base on Instagram more effectively.


Your audience interests are aligned with your content strategy, but you need to be more efficient in execution. To grow your audience on Instagram, you’ll need to be consistent.

Gain More Confidence

Schedule your posts and always know what to publish on Instagram to simplify your workflow.

Compare Even More Brands

There’s more competition out there. Create a new report and discover how you measure up against more businesses.

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