Your Facebook Performance
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Learn where you stand in the market, how well you’re promoting your Facebook content, and how you compare to your closest competitors on post promotion effectiveness:

  • Where do you stand in relation to your competitors

  • How your competitors are spending their budget on social

  • How effective is your post promotion strategy

What does it mean to be successful on Facebook?

To be the top industry performer on Facebook requires the right publishing strategy that consistently receives high engagement from audiences. With organic reach becoming scarce, it’s integral that brands use every opportunity to gain interactions. See where you stand next to your competitors in the performance quadrant below:

How effectively are you promoting on Facebook?

To make smarter Facebook investments, you have to understand how your industry is promoting their content. Compare your paid strategy on Facebook against your competition in this effectiveness chart:

How do you compare across key promotion metrics?

Most effective Facebook advertising takes into consideration not only the number of promoted posts, but their share of interactions as well. The optimal balance between the two will result in the highest effectiveness scores. Check to see how your overall score compares in the list below:

How tactical are you at promoting your posts?

44% of promoted posts on Facebook are costing marketers because of their low quality. See where your Facebook advertising strategy stands:

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