Analytics and Benchmark

All the Advanced Social Media Analytics Tools You Need

Ditch scattered, disconnected data analysis. Access precise social media analytics that cover everything from benchmarking, content and performance to influencers and paid campaigns.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

All-Channel Analytics

One Place for All Your Social Media Analysis01

Tracking your digital strategy has never been so easy. Understand what’s working and who’s engaging with your content across channels.

Easily Track Your Multi-Channel Performance

No more flicking between screens. Multi-channel widgets let you see performance KPIs across all platforms in one place. Quickly identify where your strategy is working and where not.

Effortlessly Monitor Competitor Trends

Get the advanced analytics you need to understand your competition fully. You’ll instantly see where they’re making mistakes or where they’re succeeding.

Access Powerful Analysis of Your Audience

Our AI analyzes your first-party audience data and defines your marketing personas for you. You’ll instantly understand their interests, content preferences, and influencers.

Make Influencer Campaign Measurement Simple and Straightforward

Tracking any number of influencers is made as easy as clicking a button. Know which influencers are the most effective or uncover which ones are faking engagement.

In-Depth Insights

Access Vital In-Depth Performance Insights02

Get the full information you need to understand your performance. The platform lets you dive deep into any number of metrics most critical to your business.

Gain Crucial Insights into Your Content Performance

All your content feeds are unified in one intuitive hub. This makes your content analysis quick and insights easy to share. You’ll never miss a critical trend again.

Effortlessly Track Web Conversions and ROI

Seeing a clear attribution of your marketing efforts is now easy. Enter one analytics platform for all-channel measurement, from web to social media.

Instantly Analyze the Sentiment Behind Every Post and Comment

Avoid creating content that impacts your brand image negatively. AI tags and analyzes the sentiment behind all your content.

Effortlessly Detect Anomalies in Your Data

Whether it’s spotting an emerging crises or fake influencer engagements, anomalies are now easy to detect. Be the first to know - always.

Advanced Competitor Analysis

Get Everything You Need to Understand the Competition03

All the critical intelligence on your competitors can now be accessed in one platform. Get miles ahead of them by leveraging powerful analysis of their trends.

Uncover Critical Competitor Trends

Tracking your competitor content is now easy. Access one place to review all their posts and see a detailed analysis of their performance.

Instantly Create Clear Side-by-Side Comparisons

The platform lets you create detailed comparisons really quickly and share them with a click. You’ll instantly know who has a winning strategy and who’s falling behind.

Get Detailed Intelligence on the Most Hidden Competitor Trends

Whether it’s the sentiment of their campaigns or their paid strategy, have access to unique and otherwise difficult to get insights all in one platform.

Precision Benchmarks

Instantly Benchmark Exactly Where You Stand04

Benchmark your organic, paid, video and influencer performance metrics against industry averages or competitors. Know exactly where you stand in the big picture.

Effortlessly Benchmark Your Organic Efforts Against Your Industry or Region

Understanding your performance in context is now really easy. Benchmark your organic efforts any number of ways you need, the platform is built for flexibility.

See Critical Spending Trends by Location or Industry

Forget static benchmark reports on cost trends. Access next-gen benchmarks that are always up-to-date and show you exactly where you stand in your region or industry.

Easily Measure Your Share of Views

Don’t stop short. Video content is really costly, so make sure that you’re absolutely dominating the market and have the largest share of views.

Benchmark Influencers the Really Simple Way

Ensure concrete business results and solid ROI by benchmarking and tracking your influencers. Make sure they’re hitting their targets and tweak strategy if they’re not.

Holistic Paid Measurement

Get a Holistic Overview of Your Paid Efforts05

Access one platform to overview all your ad accounts. Ensure that none of your budget is being wasted and instantly see where the revenue is actually coming from.

Access One Easy-to-Follow Dashboard to Track Your Ad Spending

Avoid getting lost in tons of data. Gain a clear view of all your ad accounts and campaigns in one executive dashboard. Know how much is being spent, where, and if it’s really working.

Gain In-Depth Insights Into Spending Trends and Campaign Effectiveness

Know exactly which ad campaigns are the most effective across ad accounts. Whether it’s specific audiences, markets or ad creatives, get all the key insights you need.

Avoid Wasting Your Budget

With all internal stakeholders having instant access to granular spending insights, making costly spending mistakes is now easy to avoid.

Bring Your Ads Data Together for Maximum Transparency

Avoid confusion between stakeholders on what your spending priorities are. Your regional teams and agencies can now collaborate in one place - made extra secure with clear permission levels.

Effortless AI Automation

Speed Up the Entire Measurement Process With AI06

Get advanced analytics tools for all your measurement. It will improve both speed and accuracy of your analysis - and help you take your marketing to the next level.

Stop Wasting Your Time on Tedious Manual Measurement Tasks

Instead of wasting your time tagging posts, create custom rules for how you want AI to label your content. This way all your content and sentiment analysis is instant.

Access AI Recommendations Built on a Powerful Analytics Engine

Don’t settle for tools that barely scratch the surface. Socialbakers AI is working with the largest data set in the industry to give you extremely accurate in-depth analysis.

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