Audience Analysis

All Your Audience Analysis in One Powerful Platform

Turn difficult manual audience analysis into a fast single-step process. Let AI define your marketing personas, identify what content they love, and which influencers they trust.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Access Next-Gen Intelligence

Access Next-Gen Intelligence by Unifying Your Data01

Stop wasting time on manual audience research, get all the key insights instantly. Connect your web and social media data to the Socialbakers platform, our AI will do the analysis for you.

Get Critical Audience Insights from Web to Social

Bring your audience analysis together. Connect all your web and social media data sources to the platform to access multi-channel intelligence.

Map Your Marketing Personas With a Click

Let AI create accurate and up-to-date marketing personas. With the Socialbakers platform, audience research becomes a simple single step process.

Instantly Analyze Your Campaign Audience

From organic to paid campaigns, all of your audience analysis is instant. Find out who’s interacting with your campaigns and always have the most recent data available immediately.

Map Your Personas Instantly

Understand Who Your Audience Really Are02

End the guesswork when defining your strategy. Have your marketing personas mapped instantly to drive relevant, engaging, and converting campaigns.

Uncover What Are the Actual
Persona Interests

Instead of building your strategy on assumptions and guesswork, let AI map your marketing personas in seconds to understand what their interests actually are.

Access Super Granular Views of Your Audience

Understand the behaviors, demographics and influencers of your audience. It now takes only seconds to gather all the crucial insights in one place.

Simplify Strategy Decisions Using AI Insights

Complex strategy decisions are now much simpler. With AI recommendations on what content, when, and where to post, your marketing campaigns will be easy to launch.

Boost Content Engagement

Get Everything You Need to Boost Audience Engagement03

Boosting content output and engagement is now easier than ever. With a unified view of all content, pinpoint what your audiences love to see.

Access One Unified Hub for All Your Content Insights

Don’t let crucial content insight get lost in communication. Allow everyone in your team to collaborate and share ideas in one place.

Create Content Built on Your Audience Preferences

Let AI recommend content for your audiences. Knowing what your personas love will let you focus your time and money where it counts.

Uncover Critical Conversations

Uncover the Most Critical Audience Conversations04

Never miss the conversations that matter. With the Socialbakers listening platform, you’ll respond to your audience at the right time and always with the right message.

Instantly Analyze Sentiment Using Powerful AI Analysis

Always know how the audience feels about your content. Spotting negative and positive sentiment now takes just seconds.

Prevent Crises by Spotting Negative Sentiment Trends

Don’t let crises damage your brand perception. Spot negative sentiment on your channels, before it flares up into larger problems.

Track Critical Topics and Key Influencers

Easily track keywords and queries to spot trends on topics that matter to you. Understand who’s driving these conversations and track their profiles all in one platform.

Align Personas With Influencers

Discover Influencers Your Audiences Actually Trust05

Make influencer discovery a simple step process. From finding them to vetting them to analyzing their engagement, streamline the entire process.

Instantly Identify Influencers for Every One of Your Marketing Personas

Skip the difficult manual task of finding influencers. Simply select your persona and with a click, the Socialbakers AI will find the influencers they trust.

Make Fraud Detection Easy and Vetting Straightforward

Avoid wasting your time working with influencers no one trusts, or worse those with fake followers and engagement. Instantly spot the best ones for your audience.

Effortlessly Track Countless Influencer Campaigns

End the struggle of tracking your influencer campaigns. Bring them all together on one platform. You’ll be able to check in on progress instantly and report easily.

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