Community Management

Effortless Community Management All from One Inbox

Increase both the efficiency and the quality of your community outreach and customer care with Socialbakers’ end-to-end community management platform.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Optimize Every Community Touchpoint

Optimize and Automate at Every Customer Touchpoint01

Automate and scale your community management without lowering the quality of interaction with your community. All the tools modern teams need to deliver millions of high quality customer experiences.

One Unified Inbox for Effortless Cross-Channel Care

Socialbakers’ One Inbox makes it easy to manage interactions with customers and audiences across different social channels. From brand mentions to DMs, interact with audiences at scale in one unified platform.

AI Chatbot Technology that Transforms Customer Service

Our intelligent chatbot completely automates responses to common inquiries and topics, while still providing genuine interaction with a human flair. Cases that require personalization are escalated to the correct team member automatically.

Gain Crucial Audience Insights

Understand Your Community Needs With Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis02

Social listening and sentiment analysis are two critical tools that work hand-in-hand to give you the insights you need to make the best decisions - whether it’s audience analysis , content strategy, or competitor analysis.

Get a Granular View of How Audiences Feel With Sentiment Analysis

Get an in-depth view of how audiences feel about your brand or your products. With clear visual breakdowns of sentiment for profiles and posts on any channel, instantly spot what’s working and what’s not when it comes to how you engage and interact with your community.

Gain Critical Insights With Powerful Social Listening

Socialbakers makes it easy to monitor, identify, and analyze the conversations happening online about any topic or brand. With sentiment analysis and social listening, it’s easy to identify brand mentions with negative sentiment so you can address potential brand crises in record time.

Effortlessly Manage Team Workflows

Effortlessly Manage Team Workflows and Monitor Productivity03

Socialbakers makes it extremely easy to create, customize, and monitor the different workflows and processes that make up your unique approach to community management.

Set Up Collaborative Workflows and Permissions with Ease

Easily assign roles, permissions, and tasks to your social care team to ensure things are running efficiently. Simple, customizable, and easy to define workflows make running a smooth social outreach program simple.

Eliminate Manual Logging and Tracking of Support Cases

Say goodbye to tediously logging customer care cases into backend platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle. Socialbakers automatically logs all support cases into your Sales Clouds for you, so your agents never have to flip between platforms.

Simple Measurement and Reporting

Easily Quantify, Measure, and Report on Community Management Effectiveness04

Quantify the effectiveness of your community management efforts instead of relying on gut feelings. Socialbakers adds a critical layer of measurement to community management with reports and dashboards that are both easy to use and easy to share.

Get a Complete Overview of Team Productivity

Access a clear overview of the metrics that relate to community management and customer care , so you can see where you excel and where you need to improve. Breakdown key metrics like average response time and get a more granular, useful view into performance.

Know Exactly Which Requests Take the Most Time to Process

Easily identify the customer queries and audience interactions that take the longest to handle and create processes to speed up or even automate those interactions. Socialbakers ensures that community management teams are always operating at maximum efficiency.

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