Content Intelligence

Everything Content in One Place

Get insights and analysis from across all digital channels to help teams collaborate, plan, and create engaging content your audiences will love.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Unified Content Overview

All Your Content in One Intuitive and Collaborative Place01

Ditch manual data collection from multiple feeds. Bring all your content analysis into one intuitive interface for a single clear overview.

A Holistic Understanding and Intelligence

Access critical intelligence on all profiles that matter, including competitor and influencer profiles. It’s now all in one easy-to-access content hub.

Go-To Insights for Every Team

Allow ideas to be shared easily by breaking down team silos. Anyone from analysts to designers can access the Content Hub, so critical insights never get lost in email threads or chat windows.

Granular Views on the Metrics That Matter the Most

Dive deep into the metrics that are most critical to your business. Analyze a multitude of perspectives or customize your views and save them for easy access later.

Accurate Strategy Insights

Crucial Content Strategy Insights02

Trade incomplete data sets for actionable insights to plan relevant content for your audiences, select the right activation channels, and spend smarter than your competitors.

Access Daily Insights Tailored to Your Needs

With an advanced search, curate your own perfect view on the profiles that matter: yours, influencers, and competitors. It takes just seconds to set up and you can save it for instant access later.

An Audience-First Approach to Your Content Strategy

Instantly know exactly which content to create for your audience. Understand their interests, affinities, and behaviours by connecting your digital data on the Socialbakers platform.

AI-Driven Content Analysis and Image Recognition

Instantly uncover content trends and identify logos or objects in millions of social media posts. With the Socialbakers AI-powered image recognition your teams now have the most advanced tools they need to create a winning strategy.

Smooth Team Collaboration

Simplified Global Team Collaboration03

Break down departmental silos. Quickly learn from regional performance insights, and apply best practices globally. This way, your teams will always stay focused on the right content initiatives.

Share Proven Ideas Across Large Teams

Don’t let the best ideas get lost in communication. Organize all your content in collections for easy and convenient access across your organization.

Fully Customizable to the Needs of Every Team

The moment you log in, access a content overview tailored to you, whether you’re a designer, an analyst, or a social media manager. The Content Hub experience is set up to support all teams.

Intuitive and Time-Saving

The flexible search logic helps you instantly find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s built for maximum efficiency to let teams focus on what really matters.

Secure, Safe, and Simple Logins from Anywhere

Strengthen security and communication. Maintain the highest standards of compliance and simplify how your teams work with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

Collaborative Content Library

Easily Manage All Content in One Library04

Organizing all your content into easily accessible collections is as easy as clicking a button. Each library can be instantly accessed by any team, anywhere. There’s no more confusion.

Plan Your Campaigns Together

All your campaign assets are in one place where they can be easily shared between teams. It’s always clear what content should be used where - nothing gets lost in communication.

Share Content Feedback Instantly

There’s now a single place for all feedback regarding content. You can upvote your favorite assets and downvote those that shouldn’t be used - it’s simple.

Bring All Assets Into one Place

Avoid messy cross-channel collaboration. Whether it’s screenshots that you want to save for inspiration or content that’s ready to be used in campaigns, save it all in one place.

Effortless Content Discovery

Finding Great Content Ideas Is Now Easier Than Ever05

Instead of building your strategy on guesswork, know exactly what content your team should focus on. Boost content quality and drive more engagement across all channels.

The Largest Library of Best Content Ideas at Your Fingertips

Fuel team creativity with the industry's largest library of top-performing content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s not only easy to search but also recommends the best posts for you based on your actual social media and web data.

Align Your Content to the Right Marketing Personas

Stop wasting time creating content that no one will engage with. Discover proven content ideas based on your marketing personas - generated with a click using the Socialbakers platform.

Curate the Best Content from Trusted Influencers and Top Publishers

Finding great content to share with your audience has never been easier. Find influencers and publishers they trust and never miss a chance to share their trending posts.

Get Started With Socialbakers

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