Content Strategy

Align Your Content Strategy With Your Business Goals

Boost content engagement across channels. From knowing what content your audiences love to what content works for your competitors - all you need in one AI-driven solution.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Know Exactly What Content to Create

Know Exactly What Content Your Audiences Find Engaging01

Stop wasting your time and money on content that no one wants to see. With AI persona mapping, you’ll instantly know what content to create and for who.

AI Makes Content Strategy Decisions Easy

Instantly map your marketing personas and drive your strategy based on AI recommendations. Spend your time creating only the right content.

Know What Drives Your Audience Interests

Create truly engaging content by understanding your audience’s preferences. The interests and affinities for each of your personas are clearly laid out for you.

Discover the Right Activation Channels for Your Brand

You don’t need to guess where to spend your money. Know exactly which media channels your audience follows to invest your advertising and PR budget wisely.

Access Crucial Content Insights

Get Crucial Content Strategy Insights All in One Place02

Bring scattered content feeds and analysis together. You no longer have to switch across platforms to access all your content or insights. It’s now all in one Content Hub.

AI Tags All Your Content to Give You Instant Insights

Waste less time on tedious manual tasks. Instead, focus on actual content quality and have AI label every post you publish. This way your content analysis is instant.

Understanding Your Performance Is Now Easier Than Ever

All your content and insights are easily accessible in one hub. It makes sharing insights across departments easy and creating content that’s led by data straightforward.

Know Where to Focus Your Content Efforts

Whether it’s content or format, know exactly where to invest your time and resources. Designing the right content with the right message has never been simpler.

Discover the Best Content Ideas

Discovering Proven Content Ideas Is Now Really Easy03

Remove creative bottlenecks and speed up your content production. Access millions of tested content ideas across channels to boost both team productivity and content quality.

World’s Largest Content Library at Your Fingertips

Finding amazing content examples has never been so easy. Search by any number of parameters to find proven ideas and save them into collections with a click.

It’s Instantly Accessible Inside Adobe Cloud Apps

You don’t need to switch from one software to the next to create your content. Instantly access the content library and performance metrics directly inside Adobe Cloud Apps.

AI Finds Inspiration Based on Your Marketing Persona Interests

Don’t waste time with a blanket content strategy. Personalize your approach to each of your marketing personas based on precise content recommendations.

Uncover Competitive Content Insights

Easily Analyze the Content of Your Competitors04

Everything you need to know about your competitors is now in one place. Understand their content strategy and its effectiveness to avoid their mistakes and focus your own strategy.

Uncover Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Know exactly how well your competitors are doing. Whether it’s their most successful content or their biggest mistakes, uncover their trends even faster than they do.

All Your Competitors’ Content - One Clear Overview

There’s now one place to track everything your competitors publish. Reviewing a clear and tailored feed of their best or worst content takes just seconds.

The Sentiment of Their Content Is Now Easy to Access

Understand how the audience feels about their brand. Spot their sentiment trends and even access a second-by-second view of the audience reactions to their live videos.

Organize All Your Content

Effortlessly Organize All Your Content in One Library 05

It’s now so easy to keep all your content organized. Everything from your campaign assets to the posts you save for inspiration are stored in easy-to-navigate collections.

Avoid Misplaced Content Assets

Sharing content assets between regions or teams is really simple. It’s now always clear what content should be used where - nothing ever gets lost in communication.

Remove Long Feedback Loops

Bring your departments together in all their content creation efforts. Your teams can discuss content assets, leave notes for further iterations, and collaborate all in one place.

Boost Team Efficiency

Instead of switching from tool to tool to manage your content, integrate all your 3rd party storage apps into Socialbakers. You’ll be able to quickly access all your assets and organize them instantly.

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