Customer Care

Exceptional Customer Care Across Every Channel

Customer engagement spans across the vast multi-channel space - engage with your customers faster than ever, exactly where they want it, and ensure the best customer experience.

Socialbakers customer care management

Customer Engagement Management

Full Customer Engagement Management Made Easy01

Get everything you need to have complete governance of your multi-channel customer care from social media to the rest of the web and even text messaging - it’s now all in one customer care tool.

One Inbox for Social Media, Web, Text, and Everything Else

Your support agents shouldn't be jumping from place to place to manage customer interactions. Now, you can easily bring all tasks into one intuitive smart inbox.

Chatbot Integration Within a Next-Gen Live Chat Environment

The Socialbakers live chat is built on a powerful AI engine that enables full self-service experiences via web chat, SMS, social messaging, mobile apps, and voice assistants.

Task Automation and Routing

Boost Customer Care Speed, Efficiency, and Quality02

With Socialbakers, your customer service agents will have all the multi-channel care tools and AI chatbot assistance they need to deliver the best customer experiences at an incredible speed and efficiency.

Full Ticket Automation, from Routing to Answering Queries

A powerful ticketing system instantly sorts queries through natural language processing and prepares a response or a next action item for your support agent. To speed things further Socialbakers’ customer care tools log cases directly into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle CRM’s.

24/7 Self-Service Through Intuitive Chatbot Integration

Today your customers expect an always-on support team. The Socialbakers’ AI chatbot not only provides full service to your customers 24/7 but also frees up your agents to focus on the most pressing cases that require human attention.

Instantly Access All Case Information and History

Every CEM case has all the details your agent needs, like location, loyalty status, and interaction history, while a built-in knowledge engine lets them quickly find answers to the most common questions.

Consumer Insights

Understand What Your Customers Need With Powerful Listening Insights03

Uncover what needs your customers have before they turn into larger issues. With AI-powered listening that continuously monitors any channel you need, you can instantly identify critical conversations and automatically route them to the right team to be resolved.

Access In-Depth Analytics and Sentiment Trends

Understand what issues customers have and how they affect brand reputation. Analyze the sentiment of each post, campaign or product launch to respond to customer needs instantly.

Track Web and Social Media Conversations

Whether it’s on social media or inside web forums, or any RSS feed, easily track and respond to the conversations that can make or break your brand reputation.

Uncover Unmet Consumer Needs With Advanced Voice of Customer Insights

Close the gap between what your customers expect and what your care teams deliver. Advanced Voice of Customer tools connect multiple data sources to inform you exactly what the needs of your customers are.

Team Efficiency and Measurement

A Clear View of Your Team and Agent Efficiency04

Whether it’s reporting on time-to-action for specific agents, or measuring how long it takes to resolve a recurring ticket, get a clear picture of where your teams excel and where you need to improve.

One Dashboard to Track Team Performance

Instantly understand where your customer care excels and where the experience needs improvement. You can customize your dashboard any way you want based on your exact business needs.

Easily Set Up and Share Overview Reports and Status Updates

Reporting on your efficiency should be as simple as clicking a button. With Socialbakers, you can set up your reporting to all stakeholders at your desired intervals customized with metrics that matter to you.

Get Started With Socialbakers

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