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Everything you need for influencer marketing business success. From discovering the right influencers for your business to validating their quality to analyzing their results. Get all the tools you need.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

AI Influencer Discovery

Discover the Best Influencers for Your Audience Instantly01

Skip tedious manual research and find the most effective influencers in seconds. Connect your data to the Socialbakers platform - AI will find the best influencers for you instantly.

Access Thousands of Engaging Influencers With a Click

Finding influencer is now so simple. Our AI will shortlist influencer for you based on their actual engagement and alignment with your audiences.

Auto-Match Influencers With Your Marketing Personas

Only collaborate with influencers your marketing personas trust. AI finds the right influencers for all your personas based on their interests and demographics.

Find Influencers Who Drive Engagement on Topics Critical to You

Influencers’ top-performing posts are ranked in order, instantly showing you if they’re sparking engagement around the interests that align with your brand.

Granular Influencer Research

Get Granular Information on Each Influencer02

Always find what you’re looking for - no compromises. The platform helps you discover influencers based on any number of criteria important to you. It’s quick and straightforward.

Access Influencer Insights to Understand Their Audiences

The platform is built for full transparency. With a click you can request influencers to grant you their insights access. You’ll gain an instant view of what their audiences look like.

From Micro to Celebrity Influencers, Find Anyone You Need

Easily filter influencers by their audience size. Finding trustworthy influencers with niche interests or someone with celebrity status has never been faster.

Choose Influencers by Hashtags, Mentions or Past Collaborations

Know everything you need to know to choose your influencers wisely. Uncover which hashtags they use, see their top posts, and who they’ve worked with before.

Simple Vetting Workflows

Everything You Need to Vet Influencers Quickly03

The influencer vetting process is now simple and foolproof. Access the critical intelligence you need to select the best ones and reduce the risk of fraud.

Get the Critical Insights You Need to Choose Reliably

Avoid wasting time and money on bad collaborations. Always know what they post, which hashtags they use, and who they’ve worked with. You can even request their insights access for a clear view of their audience.

Influencer Score Cards Help You Shortlist the Best Ones Faster

The selection process now takes just seconds. One easy-to-understand effectiveness score lets you shortlist the best influencers quickly and reliably.

Easily Benchmark and Identify the Most Engaging Influencer

AI benchmarks influencers based on how engaging they really are on the topics they post about. You’ll always know who you should work with to maximize your results.

Save Influencer Shortlists With a Click

It's so easy to shortlist influencers now. Select the best ones for later and add notes for your team and wider stakeholders.

Automated Campaign Analysis

Keep Track of All Influencers in One Platform04

Easily track all the crucial influencer metrics in one platform. Evaluating influencers is now simple and measuring campaign effectiveness is effortless.

Influencer Campaigns Now Take Just Seconds to Analyze

Let AI analyze entire influencer campaigns for you. All the critical performance metrics are now instantly available as soon as you start your campaigns.

All Your Critical Performance Metrics in One Place

Access the most important metrics to understand influencer effectiveness instantly. Analyzing influencer engagement is now easier than ever.

Boost Influencer Campaign Engagement and ROI

Build your success based on real engagement. With a clear overview of which influencer collaborations are most effective, you’ll be able to streamline your efforts for maximum ROI.

Add Critical Transparency to Every Influencer Campaign

By connecting influencer insights to the Socialbakers platform, you can finally view all the critical influencer metrics. This builds essential trust and makes reporting instant and seamless.

Instant Fraud Detection

Avoid Influencer Scams and Fraud05

Stop wasting money on ineffective influencers. Gain full transparency by getting everything you need to spot fake performance trends and anomalies.

Spot Fake Engagement and Followers Instantly

Rule out influencers with fake followers and engagement. Spotting inflated metrics is now easier than ever.

Uncover Past Influencer Collaborations

Uncover their past commercial activities and which brands have tagged them in their campaigns. Get all the intelligence you need to make the right decisions.

Gain Access to Their Insights for Full Transparency

Now you can instantly request influencers to grant you access to their insights. Influencers can select which engagement or audience metrics to share. Gain full transparency, no compromises.

Effective Brand Advocacy

Uncover Your Brand Advocates Across Channels06

Find brand advocates to amplify your brand voice. Choose those who match with and love your brand values - then leverage their powerful influence on your audience.

Identify the Most Powerful Voices in Seconds

Discover who your brand advocates are across social channels and use their powerful engagement to your business’ advantage.

Uncover Vital On-Brand Conversations

Never miss the conversations that matter. Uncover brand advocates igniting interactions around these key topics and use their powerful voices to skyrocket engagement.

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