Listening and Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence for In-Depth Brand, Market and Audience Insights

Get the 360° social media intelligence you need to understand your brand, market and audience so you can generate positive interactions at every touchpoint - from marketing all the way to customer care.

Social Media Intelligence

Intelligence at Every Customer Touchpoint

Actionable, Integrated, and Continuous Insights01

Move from analyzing a single moment in time to maintaining a constant pulse on the trends and insights vital to your business. The Socialbakers solution enables continuous listening without over-complicating analysis by automatically cutting out noise and irrelevant data.

Reach Actionable Insights Quickly and Easily

With customizable query-based searches and an extremely user-friendly platform, uncover the right listening insights at all stages of the customer journey. From awareness and interest to purchase and retention, translate the relevant data into immediately actionable social media intelligence.

Easily Uncover Unmet Customer Needs and Expectations

With continuous social listening, instantly spot and address problems across the entire customer journey before they escalate into crises. Whether it’s problematic campaign messaging or product errors, react at lightning speed and help marketing and support teams thrive.

Always-On Social Listening

Completely Unified and Fully Integrated Social Listening02

Listening data isn’t helpful unless you can integrate uncovered insights with existing workflows and view them in the broader context of your business. Socialbakers makes it easy to integrate social media intelligence into the overall strategies and goals of your brand.

Access a Single, Unified Platform Experience

Socialbakers is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, meaning listening is smoothly integrated with all of the marketing and customer care workflows you already rely on - from content labeling to reporting to sentiment analysis.

Empower Teams With Easy Accessibility and Sharing Features

Continuous listening is useless if critical intelligence and data move slowly in your organization. Socialbakers makes it easy to get listening insights to the right teams at the right time, so you can take full advantage of always-on social listening.

Advanced Audience Research

A 360° View of Your Audience and Their Needs03

Socialbakers gives brands an unparalleled ability to understand their audiences from every angle. Whether it’s their interests, sentiments, or influencers, you get a continuously updated view of your audience so you can easily adjust to any unexpected changes in behaviors.

Easily Integrate Data for a Detailed View of Your Marketing Personas

Audience data is only actionable if it’s connected in one place. Bring your social media and web data together to uncover a full view of your marketing personas. Uncover what content they like, profiles they follow, influencers they trust, when they are online and a lot more.

Effortlessly Track Audience Conversations

In order to respond to the conversations that matter, you need to have a continuous ability to listen to what your audiences are saying. With Socialbakers, you can track any number of audience queries across all channels to spot those vital conversions when it counts.

Powerful Sentiment Analysis

Full Context of Your Brand Sentiment04

Easily understand how your audiences perceive your brand. Identify negative or positive trends instantly to avoid crises and point your strategy towards positive brand engagement.

Get Clear Breakdown of Sentiment Trends on One Dashboard

AI social media intelligence tools make any complex sentiment analysis simple. Access one fully customizable dashboard to track brand sentiment across any number of channels at every point of the customer journey.

Gain Granular Sentiment Insights for Every Campaign, Post or Comment

Uncover in-depth insights on the sentiment of any campaign, post or comment organized and labeled by AI in an easy-to-read interface. You’ll know how your audiences feel about your marketing efforts instantly.

In-Depth Competitive Insights

Effortless Competitive and Market Analysis05

Know your competitors better than they do themselves. With continuous listening, you can maintain a constant pulse of your marketplace and your competition from the perspective that matters the most - the customer.

Know Exactly Which Trends Are Defining Your Market

Be the first to capitalize on the trends that break out in your industry or region. Intuitive dashboards make it easy to get a clear and constant view into what’s trending, who’s driving those conversations, and which competitors are already a part of them.

Uncover Your Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses

With social listening, differentiating your brand has never been easier. Analyze the relevant conversations surrounding your competitors to see how you can make their successes a part of your strategy, while avoiding the mistakes that define them to their audiences.

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