Measurement and reporting

Precise Social Media Measurement and Reporting

Make it clear and straightforward. Seeing the attribution of all your efforts - from social to digital - has never been easier.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

All-Channel Measurement

Enter One Place for All-Channel Measurement01

Everything from organic content to paid campaigns to influencer collaborations, your marketing efforts are now really easy to evaluate.

Make It Simple - One Dashboard to Track Everything

It’s really intuitive and easy to customize. See exactly what you need to see the moment you log in. Your digital performance is clearly laid out for you.

Gain a Clear View of Your Organic Performance

Everything from stories to videos and more, all your organic social media efforts are now displayed in one place. You’ll instantly know what’s working and what’s not.

Simplify All Your Paid Channel Tracking

Gain complete clarity of your paid social media performance. All your spending trends and results are now accessible in one dashboard.

Easily Measure Influencer Campaign Effectiveness

Bring all your influencer marketing efforts into one place. Tracking hundreds of influencers all at once is now actually possible.

In-Depth Performance Views

Access Granular Performance Views02

Get a super detailed understanding of your performance. With deep AI learning, critical performance trends are brought to the surface.

Instantly Identify Important Content Trends

Never miss vital insights that can boost your content engagement. AI helps you spot critical trends instantly, so you can adjust your strategy faster.

Get Detailed Sentiment Insights for Every Post and Comment

Know exactly what the sentiment is behind every post or comment. You’ll know what content causes your audience to react negatively and why.

Automate Tedious Measurement and Analysis Tasks

AI does it all for you. It will label every post and comment based on your precise requirements and provide a detailed analysis instantly.

Critical Performance Benchmarks

Gain Critical Context With Precise Benchmarks03

Now you know exactly where you stand. Whether it’s your organic content, the share of video views or your spending, instantly have a clear comparison to your industry or region.

Easily Compare Your Organic Efforts Horizontally or Vertically

Add the critical context needed to drive a competitive strategy. Cross-channel benchmarks are now available any time you need them for your reports.

Access Up-to-Date Advertising Benchmarks

Forget outdated static advertising reports on industry and regional costs. Use next-gen benchmarks that show your actual ad account spending in context on that exact day.

Know Exactly the Share of Views You’ve Earned

Understand how successful your video strategy really is. Evaluating if your videos actually have an impact on a wider scale is now easy.

Choose Influencers Based on Reliable AI Benchmarks

Compare hundreds of influencers quicker than ever to shortlist the ones that suit your requirements.

Multi-Channel ROI Attribution

See Straightforward Multi-Channel ROI Attribution04

From social media to web, it’s now so easy to see the exact impact your efforts have on your business.

Instantly See How Social Media Is Impacting the Business Bottom Line

Access one clear dashboard to gain a quick but critical overview of how your efforts are impacting bottom-line conversions and revenue.

Easily Connect the Dots Between Web and Social Media

Easily track which channels contribute to most web traffic and conversions later down the line. Seeing where actual business results are coming from is now straightforward.

Holistic View of Paid Social Media

Gain a Clear, Holistic View of Ad Spend Across Accounts05

Easily connect all your ad accounts in one place to have a clear oversight of your budget and results. With full transparency into your spend, reducing costs and improving ROI is easy.

Bring Scattered Ads Data Together for One Clear Overview

Don’t let critical paid insights get lost in communication between agencies or regional teams. Bring all your efforts together to have a clear understanding of your performance.

Effortlessly Track and Compare All Your Ad Campaigns

Seeing which campaigns are most successful across accounts is as easy as clicking a button. All your ad level data is now neatly organized and simple to understand.

See a Clear Attribution of Your Ads Spending

Know exactly where your money is spent. The ad metrics are broken down into specific audience demographics so you always know if your efforts are focused the right direction.

Add Transparency and Control to Your Ads Measurement

Make sure all your teams are aligned on spending priorities and collaboration is smooth. Simplify the complicated sharing permissions between all parties involved.

Streamlined Reporting

Streamline All Your Reporting06

Simplify the entire reporting process. Critical insights are now easy to find and presented in a way everyone can actually understand.

Automate Every Single One of Your Reports

Don’t waste time manually setting up the same reports each week, month, quarter. Automate every critical report to be sent to any inbox when you need it. It takes just seconds.

Customize Your Reports Any Way You Want

Have reports ready that shows exactly the metrics you want them to. This way no one will get distracted by irrelevant information and focus on exactly what matters.

Always Have Data That’s Presentation-Ready

All your reports now look professional and ready to be added to your presentations. You can export them in any format you need. It’s flexible to suit your requirements.

Make Sure Your Reports Reach the Right People

Easily set up customized reports for your team or your managers. Ensuring that the right people see the right metrics is easy.

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