Our Partnerships Ensure Your Success

At Socialbakers, we want you to be able to solve your challenges easily. We partner with the world’s most trusted SaaS solutions that cover any business need you have and we keep close ties to all platforms so that we can innovate as quickly as they do.

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Our Social Media Partnerships

Social media marketing evolves as rapidly as platforms do. We innovate hand-in-hand so close relationships with every key social media platform are crucial. We take pride in these ties - they’re essential in allowing us to innovate at top speed and deliver solutions within a data-secure environment.

Our Extended Solution SaaS Partnerships

We understand that your business challenges are diverse and that we need to form close and reliable partners for you to succeed. It’s absolutely essential that these partners are the best at what they do and that they integrate seamlessly within your tech environment together with Socialbakers.


Brandwatch is a marketing platform that lets you understand how consumers talk about you online based on data from 1.4 trillion conversations.


Digimind is a powerful listening software that helps you understand your customers, the competitive environment, and market trends. Their motto reads, “Understand the world as it is."


Ubermetrics is a content intelligence software that informs marketers with powerful data insights on how to maximize their marketing campaign effectiveness.


KAWO is the platform of choice for global brands building a social presence in China. It makes it easy for brands to understand and connect with their audiences there.


Paragone is a platform that helps marketers engage with audiences across networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, through actionable performance monitoring.


Socialbakers Easily Integrates Into Your Existing Tech-Stack

From the moment you start with our platform, you’ll be able to instantly connect it to the rest of your technology environment. There’s no setup time with any of our integrations, so you can start leveraging all data in a connected ecosystem right away.

Learn More About Our Integrations

Learn how our partnerships can help you resolve even the most complex business challenges