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Take the Guesswork Out of Social Media Strategy and Planning

Socialbakers makes it easy to create and execute the perfect social media marketing strategy, from content planning to audience analytics to precision budgeting.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Gain Vital Audience Insights

Understand Who Your Audiences Really Are01

From web to social media, understand who your actual audience personas are based on multichannel data. Our AI analyzes your first party-data and organizes it into personas with a single click.

Instantly Map Your Marketing Personas

Reduce the cost and time spent on audience research. Instead of relying on expensive static surveys base your research on first-party digital data.

Get a Granular Understanding of Their Needs

The Socialbakers AI uncovers your audience interests and content preferences so you can tailor your campaign strategy perfectly, every time.

Uncover Which Influencers They Trust

Avoid wasting money on influencers that your audience doesn’t care about. Discover the top-performing influencers for each of your personas with a click. It’s that easy.

Benchmark Where You Stand

Gain a Clear View of Your Performance and Competitors02

Access the vital intelligence you need to succeed in any market. Know exactly where you stand, where you need to improve and uncover everything you need to know about the competition.

Access Advanced Analysis of Your Performance

AI instantly analyzes and benchmarks your performance against your key competitors. Knowing exactly where you need to improve has never been easier.

Uncover Insights on Competitors’ Paid Performance and Content

Access never-before-seen metrics on your competitors' strategy. Spot their weaknesses, uncover how they spend and learn how you can get ahead of them.

Always Use Precise and Up-to-Date Competitive Benchmarks

Gain a holistic view of where you stand against competitors on any number of metrics. Whether it’s organic or paid, access the critical information you need instantly.

Make Accurate Budget Decisions

Plan Your Budget Wisely With Advanced Cost Analysis03

Get all the vital information you need - based on precise AI recommendations - to reach the right people with the right budget.

Access Accurate and Always Up-to-Date Advertising Benchmarks

Forget static and manual advertising reports on industry and regional costs. Get everything you need to benchmark your spend in one place - updated every day.

Optimize Your Budget With AI Precision

Stop wasting your advertising money, instead, spend it where it counts. AI recommends which posts are worth the most investment, so you can truly maximize your budget.

Bring Competitor Paid Strategies to the Surface

Uncover how your competitors are spending their budget on social media to adjust yours accurately. Know if their spend is effective or if they’re actually wasting their money.

Access Crucial Content Intelligence

Get Key Content Strategy Insights04

Bring all your content analysis together. All your insights and planning is now in one place, so you can work faster, create the right content, and measure its success easier.

Drive Customer Engagement Through Data-Driven Content

AI will analyze all posts for you and spot sentiment trends instantly. You’ll quickly identify what content drives the most engagement for your brand or even your industry.

Discover the Most Inspiring Content in Your Market

Remove the bottlenecks from your creative process. Know exactly what posts your audience likes by accessing the largest library of best content. Inspiration is now instant.

Uncover Critical Competitor Insights

Have more insight into your competitors' strategy than they do. Identify what’s trending for them, so that you can shift the momentum your way.


Uncover Critical Audience Conversations

Spot the Conversations Critical to Your Business05

Never miss a conversation that could be key to your business growth. With the Socialbakers listening solution, you’ll know exactly what’s important and how you should respond.

Access Instant Sentiment Analysis of All Your Content

You no longer have to waste time manually sifting through thousands of posts. AI analyzes all your content sentiment in seconds.

Track Influencers and Mentions to Uncover Key Trends

Know exactly which key players in your industry have the most impact on your brand. Instantly know when you’re mentioned and the sentiment of those conversations.

Get Started With Socialbakers

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