Social listening


Social Media Listening Turns Insights Into More Engagement

Every mention of your brand is a new potential lead and engagement opportunity. These insights are essential for campaign success. Raise your social media listening intelligence to create the content your customers want to see.

Social Media Listening

Actionable Audience Insights

Continuous and Always-On Listening for Actionable Audience Insights01

To drive the best experiences you need to continuously listen to your audience across the entire customer journey. With Socialbakers, you can instantly use data from every touchpoint to boost customer experiences at every stage.

Pinpoint Customer Expectations to Boost Engagement

Get the insights you need to close the gap between what customers expect and what you deliver. Socialbakers connects multiple data sources in one place so you can leverage social listening insights together with Voice of Customer data to boost customer engagement.

Identify Customer Issues Before They Turn into Larger Problems

With AI-powered active social listening, you can instantly spot product errors or problematic campaign messages. The earlier your teams can identify issues surrounding your brand, the quicker and easier they can be resolved.

360° View of All Conversations

A 360° View of Conversations Around Your Brand02

Easily understand and measure the exact magnitude of what’s being said about your brand, the audiences that are a part of the conversation and how it affects your brand awareness. It’s the full social listening overview you need.

Uncover Audience Sentiment Trends in Hundreds of Languages

With Socialbakers social media listening, you get a clear breakdown of your share of voice, sentiment sentiment and other key awareness metrics, so you can instantly know how audiences feel about your content, campaigns or products.

Understand Who Your Audiences Really Are and What They Want

AI-powered social media listening tools give you a precise definition of your marketing personas, the content they love, influencers they trust, and how your brand can meet their needs.

In-depth Market and Competitor Intelligence

Full Context of Your Market and Your Audience03

Whether it’s competitive social media monitoring or a view of industry trends and conversations, rather than aggregating and analyzing hundreds of data sources, access all this vital information in one place and instantly find ways to leverage it for your growth.

Know Which Trends Are Shaping Your Market

Be the first to know and take advantage of the trends that break out in your industry or region. On one social listening dashboard, you get a clear picture of what’s trending, where and who’s driving the conversations.

See Where Your Competitors Succeed or Where They Fail

Easily analyze the conversations around their brand and see how you can make their successes a part of your strategy and avoid their costly mistakes.

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